Doing Business Down Under: Australian Expectations

Doing Business Down Under

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australia is one of the best countries to do business in. According to the US think tank The Heritage Foundation, Australia is faring well despite the precariousness of the global economy. This is evident in the country’s low public debt, dynamic employment market and the stability of the Australian dollar. In addition, the effective entrepreneurial organisation and independent judiciary were found to have contributed to Australia’s economic freedom. That’s why the government is very active in encouraging everyone in doing business Down Under.

Doing Business Down Under: Australian Expectations

Aussies are known to be laid-back. That said, there are rules of engagement and expectations when doing business Down Under. For instance, tardiness is uncool while being too early comes as annoying.

When doing lunch meetings …

At the start of a lunch meeting, it is common courtesy to begin with casual conversations. While Australians are noted for being straight to the point when doing business Down Under, being direct in a business lunch will look like you are in a hurry, or appear as too aggressive on your part. Having liaisons in Sydney outside the office is expected to be casual and relaxed. This also gives you an opportunity to establish good rapport with Australian businessmen by discussing the things that might interest you both.

When in a business environment …

Most Australians dress conservatively when in a business setting. There are companies that are okay with casual attire, but if you are in a dilemma, it is best to get overdressed. That said, the proper dress code, especially when in business meetings, is the standard business formal. Just avoid accessorising with too much jewelry.

When interacting with the professionals …

Australians are not that formal, even when interacting with professionals. You can start your greetings with a smile, a firm handshake, and a nice ‘Hello.’ Just remember that when Australians introduce themselves, always shake their hands. Failing to do so is perceived as offensive.

When trying to understand their business mentality …

Australians appreciate the modesty, that’s why avoid overselling yourself or the company that you represent. Also, it is ideal to steer clear from using aggressive sales techniques and strategies. By staying with the facts, not being conceited, and affable, you will do well in doing business Down Under.
It is also common when doing business Down Under to be engaged in debates. Just keep your cool as they find such discourse as entertaining. More often than not, they initiate the discussion with provocative statements. If you find yourself in this position, it is suggested to come back with humour, and don’t take things personally.